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Member of the Piano Tuners Association

Awarded McGregor Prize 2006
by the Pianoforte Tuners' Examining Board
candidate with the highest marks for piano tuning

Educated to A-level, in 1972 attained my degree BA music with piano as the main instrument – rightly deemed the king of instruments.
picture of Mr David Day at RNC presentation day december 2006

I have played piano from the age of 6, gaining teaching and performing diplomas. Licentiate of the Royal Acadamy of Music LRAM aged 18 and Associate of the London College of Music ALCM aged 16. I had taught piano for many years but now find that tuning takes up all of my working hours.

I completed the piano technology course (tuning and repairs) run at RNC (Royal National College) Hereford in 2006.

I am a member of the Piano Tuning Association. In Wales there are currently four of us who have passed the PTA exams. I have been tuning pianos since 2005.


Not wishing to boast I really do feel that my pianistic background has been a great asset to me as a tuner/technician in that, knowing my way around the instrument and knowing what it is capable of sounding like at its best, makes for a full set of tuning “irons in the fire".


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